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2004 Ford Crown Victoria P71 61k Full Pursuit NightStalker $10500



2004 Ford Crown Victoria P71 Police Interceptor Pursuit Vehicle








Condition: Pre-Owned Clear Title
Mileage: 61275
Transmission: AUTO
Engine: 4.6L V8
VIN: 2FAFP71W54X143878



Ever get that "I should slow down feeling" while driving? Good thing you did... this Interceptor was hiding waiting to pounce.

Introducing the NightStalker #4 of 8

2004 Ford Crown Victoria P71 Police Interceptor with Pursuit Package. Slick top, no light bar, NIGHTTIME complete undercover unit. Yes it was only used at night according to the agency one of 8 night cars. The paint reflected it, the dash, the weather stripping... not ravaged by the Florida sun. The interior received our custom style seats, made specifically for this car. If you sat down and looked around you would think it's new. Exterior is menacing looking. Deep Panther black. With a mirror you would be able to see your reflection of your reflection of your reflection off the hood. GoRhino pushbumper and an arsenal of hidden LED's. Nightstalker is our cream of the crop, hand picked and catered to those who want the best of the best.

Mechanically in excellent condition. Engine and transmission run like the day it left the production line. Interior looks new and smells as such. Everything works as it should. Cold A/C.
Cold A/C, all power options work. Back doors operational. Spotlight works, super stealth tint. Center console equipped with a custom made control panel which controls all the lighting and sequencers. JottoDesk Laptop mouth and a Panasonic CF-29 Military Grade laptop. and Nighthawk Video camera system with night vision, 720p HD video capture, 280 degree WIDE ANGLE lens, and own viewing screen. It uses regular SD cards, we’ve included 2 2GB cards. We go through a strenuous process to make sure a car can earn it's Nightstalker badges.

One very important thing to keep in mind with our cars. Your not just buying any old P71, this unit was very well kept, the reason we chose it was chosen to be a Nightstalker. You are buying quality, remember that when bidding. Ask yourself "who takes 100+ pictures and makes videos for a Crown Victoria?" We do, we take pride in our work and cater to those who want the best of the best.

LEDs are all Gen 3 LED, extremely bright. They include 2 grill light arrays, 2 license plate arrays, 2 rear deck arrays, visor above the rearview mirror,  and 6 LED strips on the sills. The corners and reverse lamps have strobes. Headlights have wigwags.

The car is 100% ready to go, very intimidating and fun to drive.

It is important to us to disclose any imperfections that may detract from the beauty of this automobile. We pride ourselves on our level of service and honesty. We took pictures of everything so you could see for yourself. There is a dime sized ding on the upper right portion of the hood, this is the only flaw that sticks out to us. We've taken over 100+ pictures so you can see for yourself.

Car needs nothing, just get in and watch traffic get out of your way!

For over 8 years we have been Central Florida's #1 source for retired Police cars. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured. We've been around for a while and will be for a very long time. As all our customers tell us, Our cars are the cleanest and best you will find, so do not waste your time with the other guys. The cars come directly from the agencies, we NEVER sell publicly pre owned cars. We hand pick and know each car personally. We know what has been done, what it has and where its from. and Our vehicles come directly from the government, there are no other previous owners and all come from Florida 100% rust and free. We FULLY RECONDITION our cars, inside and out. All the components are checked for full operation at our full service facility.

We completely clean, recondition and sanitize the interiors. The exteriors look as close to factory as we can get if not better sometimes. They are ALWAYS fully repainted. The other guys leave the factory stuff on and it is 99% of the time scuffed, scratched or has "ghost lines" from the previous agencies stickers which you can never get rid of. That is why ours get a Full PROFESSIONAL paint job, not a cheap chain store job. We've used the same guy for 7 years and he does amazing work. Ours have no mechanical issues, where always fleet maintained meaning EVERY maintenance it needed was done. These cars see a better service life than privately owned cars will ever see. Definitely a fun and intimidating car to drive.

We go a step beyond the typical cop car guys. We've listened to our customers request, wants and needs over the years and cater our vehicles around these ideals. The colors, interiors, mileage, year and a host of other variables are taken into account. We do not just buy them, wash them and say "here you go." We go above and beyond to give our customers a turnkey reality of what they had envisioned when they said "I want a cop car"  We personalize each one in its own individual way to what we think our customers want and put the same amount of thought, time, and effort into each unit. This is what sets us apart from the rest. We hope you consider us and we look forward to dealing with you.

Law Enforcement: We can fully equip this vehicle or any others with full lights, sirens and other law enforcement materials. Proof of Law enforcement use and letter from your commanding officer/agency stating you are authorized as such. Contact us for further details WE WILL NOT NOT NOT EQUIP VEHICLES FOR CIVILIAN USE WITH BLUE/RED LIGHTING OR SIRENS. DO NOT ASK!

If you have anymore questions please give us a call at 407-375-5358. We would be happy to do an on the phone walk around of the vehicle.

We have a variety of shippers we work with and will arrange the shipping from beginning to end.

Mechanic inspections are ALWAYS WELCOMED.

Buying a vehicle is a big investment and I do understand how risky and stressful it can be to purchase a used vehicle, especially online. Selling vehicles on eBay since 1999, we are Licensed and experienced auto dealers. We strive to be above average in both our listing process and our customer service. Over 100 pictures is normal for us and you should except no less when making a buying decision solely based on pictures. We walk you through the whole way and make this seemingly complicated hurdle as simple as possible. Allow us a chance to earn your business establish a professional and personal relationship with you. We will do our best to make the whole process very easy and stress free. We make great efforts to keep people coming back to eBay for future purchases not just from us but other trusted dealers.

The successful winning bidder will be notified and MUST contact us within twenty-four (24) hours after the auction closes. The winning bidder MUST submit a NON REFUNDABLE deposit in the amount of $500.00 within forty eight (48) hours of the close of the auction; the remaining balance (including applicable fees and taxes) is due within five (5) days of the auction close unless prior arrangements have been made between the parties.

All financial transactions must be completed and clear before delivery of the vehicle, without exception. THERE ARE NO DEALER FEES. Florida residents do need to pay sales tax and tag/title transfer fees. You pay what the state charges, nothing more.

We accept cashiers checks, certified funds, and wire transfers for all transactions. In addition, we also accept PayPal for deposits ONLY. All funds must be in US dollars only and all checks must clear before vehicle is released. We INSIST you have full payment and/or approved financing in place before making your final bid. Please feel free to contact us directly for more information or special circumstances.





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Intel Pentium Centrino M 1600Mhz (1.6Ghz) : Excellent for Word, excel, business applications, internet, email, games, music, etc...
512MB ram. Windows XP runs super quick.
Hard drive
Optical drive
13.3" Touch XGA : TOUCHSCREEN SCREEN ! Can read outdoors ! Most screens are unreadable in sunlight. This model is especially designed for industry and outdoor purpose. The screen is able to be used in the sunlight.
2x USB 2.0 for printer, ipod, etc... (2 ports are on internal PCMCIA) Serial DB9, Parallel, VGA, PS/2, headphone / speaker / mic.
Good battery, holds charge
Ethernet High speed internet, 56KB dialup modem & pcmcia wifi card Wireless 802.11G
Windows XP Pro (with COA license) • All drivers installed •
Operation condition
Works better than new due to upgrades Tested and warrantied. All drivers are installed. Just plug and play ! Nothing else is needed.
Cosmetic condition
Case looks excellent ! Screen looks excellent, no scuffs, no scratches. Keyboard looks excellent. All port covers included

WHAT'S A TOUGHBOOK ? These are laptops with a rugged design. Normally expensive and used by MILITARY & POLICE

Industries that use them: Police, Military, Firemen, Medical, Construction, Restaurant, Garage, Inspectors, Factory, etc.

The casing is made of a tough magnesium alloy which is 20 times stronger than the plastics used in most consumer laptops. This gives the toughbook its revolutionary ability to withstand a HUMMER DRIVING OVER IT

Shock-mounted hard drives with proprietary foam technology developed by Panasonic to protect against drops and vibration, which can lead to data loss

Custom-built heat-pipe assemblies to funnel heat away from sensitive internal components. These technologies also eliminate the need for fans, a major point of failure and contributor to dust and moisture ingress

Click pic to watch video

All Toughbook computers can survive six ounces poured on a keyboard, it can keep running even when subjected to 12 hours of continuous spraying - The equivalent of half a day in pouring rain

Designed using Military specification MIL-STD-810F test procedures: exposure to high and low temperatures plus temperature shock; rain (including wind blown and freezing rain); humidity, fungus, salt fog for rust testing; sand and dust exposure; explosive atmosphere; leakage; acceleration; shock and transport shock, gunfire vibration; and random vibration

Click pic to watch video

- TOUGHBOOK TENNIS - Dropped in barrel WATER - Survives EXPLOSION !

. Moisture and dust-resistant LCD, keyboard and touchpad
. Sealed port and connector covers
. Shock-mounted, removable HDD in stainless steel case
. Vibration and drop-shock resistant
. Rugged, dust-resistant hinges

Click pic to watch video

PC Magazine, in its July 30, 2008 issue, reported an industry average failure rate of 24.0%. Panasonic’s service records show an average failure rate of only 2.43%. Toughbook mobile computers are nearly ten times more reliable than standard business laptops !




Rip Crown Vic...

Ford has KILLED the Crown Victoria. Their lifeblood for fleet sales, the best, most dependable vehicle they made. The LAST American body on frame rear wheel drive platform! The last one rolled off the line September 16th 2011. Sad, truly truly sad.

So guess what, these things are being more and more sought after. We've been doing this for over 12 years and the demand has gone up exponentially. We saw this first hand with the Caprice, the last government owned one we saw was in 2008 and people literally fought over the thing.

Snatch one up if you want one because it seems prices are just going to keep rising. Give us a call and let us build you your dream car!

The NightStalker #1 SOLD $13995