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Looking for a Police Car?

Home of the NightStalker. Ford Crown Victoria P71s Police Interceptors are our specialty. For over 12 years we have been Central Florida's #1 source for retired Police cars. We are fully licensed and bonded dealers. Most our customers tell us after they spent days or even weeks searching... Our cars are the cleanest and best you will find. We take our time with each and every vehicle and go beyond just detailing the cars like the other guys. Go look for youself. We hand pick and know each car personally. We know what has been done, what it has and where its from. Our vehicles come directly from the government, there are no other previous owners and all come from Florida 100% rust free. The cars leave here with no mechanical issues. We only get vehicles from agencies with the best fleet maintenance programs. These cars where always fleet maintained meaning EVERY maintenance it needed was done. These cars see a better service life than privately owned cars will ever see.

Our Nighstalkers get a 100% full reconditioning. We take our time deciding what the car will look like finished. We completely clean, and sanitize the interiors with most surfaces being new material. The exteriors look as close to factory as we can get them if not better. They are ALWAYS fully repainted. The other guys leave the factory stuff on and it is 99% of the time scuffed, scratched or has "ghost lines" from the previous agencies stickers which you can never get rid of. That is why ours get a Full PROFESSIONAL paint job. This is no econo type paint. We've used the same guy for 12 years and he does amazing work. Ours have no mechanical issues, where always fleet maintained meaning EVERY maintenance it needed was done.

While we sell to the public, we also cater to Agencies both Government and Security. We will NEVER outfit a vehicle destined for civilian use with RED/BLUE lighting or sirens so please do not ask.

Come down for yourself and you be the judge.

We are experts in Ford Crown Victorias and there are no questions we cannot answer.

About Upcoming Inventory

The cars listed in the upcoming inventory section become available soon. They go through our process:



Stage 1: Inspection
The vehicle is received  from the agency who will tell us any issues if  any. Usually there are none, they take better  care of these units than any civilian would  ever. We put it on the lift and inspect  everything and replace anything needing  replacement. Then we drive the vehicles for a  week roughly putting on 200-300 miles or so on  the highway and city to see if anything arises.  We can't hear squeaks and rattles on the lift.  Once we know the vehicle is top notch it is on  to stage 2...

Stage 2: Blank Slate 
This is where the vehicles  are ready for sale to anyone with a custom  order. They are 99% of the time white with black  interiors waiting for whatever someone may  request. We take it upon ourselves to build  units on our own accord if no one picks a  particular unit for their own project. We strip  the vehicle down. Interior comes out, weather  stripping comes off, trim, lights, grill, door  panels, everything, and it is off to paint where  it receives a factory style paintjob. You will  never be able to tell if we did a color change  or if the vehicle was factory in the particular  color it is finished in. The seats, headliner  and all other interior upgrades are performed as  well.

Stage 3: Post Paint
When  it is back from paint everything is outlined.  All the finishing touches are added and the  vehicle is put back together, tested several  more times and finally delivered.


We can also customize the vehicle to your liking after they pass mechanical inspection. Call for further details on this.

We can outfit any one of our vehicles for law enforcement. Please contact us for details.

Why us?

The Nightstalker.... We go a step beyond the typical cop car guys. We would not even call them competition. Certainly we do not mean this in an arrogant way but more in a no one does this, not with Crown Vics.  We've listened to our customers request, wants and needs over the years and cater our vehicles around these ideals. The colors, interiors, mileage, year and a host of other variables are taken into account. We do not just buy them, wash them and say "here you go." We go above and beyond to give our customers a turnkey reality of what they had envisioned.  We personalize each one in its own individual way to what we think our customers want and put the same amount of thought, time, and effort into each unit. This is what sets us apart from the rest. We hope you consider us and we look forward to dealing with you.

Rip Crown Vic...

Ford has KILLED the Crown Victoria. Their lifeblood for fleet sales, the best, most dependable vehicle they made. The LAST American body on frame rear wheel drive platform! The last one rolled off the line September 16th 2011. Sad, truly truly sad.

So guess what, these things are being more and more sought after. We've been doing this for over 12 years and the demand has gone up exponentially. We saw this first hand with the Caprice, the last government owned one we saw was in 2008 and people literally fought over the thing.

Snatch one up if you want one because it seems prices are just going to keep rising. Give us a call and let us build you your dream car!

The NightStalker #1 SOLD $13995